the Best Surf Spots in Agadir, Morocco


Agadir, nestled along Morocco’s picturesque Atlantic coast, is renowned for its sandy beaches and, more notably, its world-class surfing destinations. This coastal gem and its surroundings offer a plethora of fantastic spots to ride the waves. After an invigorating day on the water, unwind at a spa or immerse yourself in the local nightlife. Join us as we uncover the top surfing experiences in and around Agadir.

Anchor Point :

In the fishing village of Taghazout, Anchor Point stands out as a premier destination for experienced surfers. The right-hand point break offers exhilarating rides, with the possibility of cruising the wave for almost a kilometer. This spot is famous for its strong barrels and high walls on good days.

view of surf spot agadir lapointe - Tayyurt surf

view of surf spot agadir killer - Tayyurt surf

Killer Point :

Another prominent surfing point in Taghazout, Killer Point is a right-hand point break best suited for advanced surfers. Due to its consistent swell, it can get fairly busy. The waves here can be larger than they initially appear.

Panorama Beach

Panorama Beach :

Located in Taghazout, Panorama is a sheltered point break offering challenging waves. On a good day, these waves can stretch up to 500 meters, occasionally forming barrels. It’s an exciting spot for surfers seeking an adrenaline rush.

view of hash point surf spot agadir - Tayyurt surf

Hash Point :

Hash Point, a relaxed right-hand point break in Taghazout, is an excellent choice for beginners, particularly during the winter months when it’s most reliable. While having fun in the water, be cautious of jagged rocks.

Tamri :

Tamri, nestled between Taghazout and Imsouane, is a reliable reef break with both left and right waves. It’s an excellent choice when other spots are experiencing flat conditions. Surf’s up here almost all year round, particularly from October to April.

view of Tamri surf spot agadir - Tayyurt surf

Magic Bay :

Another fantastic surfing spot in Imsouane, Magic Bay has something for surfers of all levels. Different sections offer diverse surfing experiences, and it’s renowned for some of the longest waves in Africa.

view of magic bay surf spot agadir - Tayyurt surf

Surfing Near Agadir, Morocco:
Agadir offers a wealth of terrific surfing options, with Taghazout, Tamri, Imsouane, and more all within easy reach of the city if you want to add more to your Moroccan surfing experience.

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