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Tayyurt surf school story

Born from Passion and a Love for Agadir

Our journey began in Agadir, where our founder, driven by a deep passion for surfing and a love for the ocean, decided to turn her dream into reality. After years of riding the waves and connecting with people from all walks of life, the idea of Tayyurt Surf School was born.
Our founder's profound connection to Agadir and her unwavering enthusiasm for surfing paved the way for a venture that aimed to share the thrill of the waves, the warmth of Moroccan culture, and the joy of authentic experiences. Tayyurt Surf School became a heartfelt project, designed to not only provide exceptional surfing adventures but also to uplift the local community through employment and the celebration of Moroccan hospitality.
Tayyurt Values

Our Core Values are the pillars of our identity and commitment


Unique Experiences​

We are dedicated to crafting authentic experiences and lasting memories for our clients.


Moroccan Culture

We provide an opportunity to immerse in the genuine Moroccan lifestyle and culture


Home Away from Home​

We create a warm and welcoming environment where you feel at home.


Surf Enthusiasts​

Our team is passionate about surfing and eager to share this love with you.

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Our Team

Meet the People Behind Your Surfing Adventure



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Surf Instructor
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